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"Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast"


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Think it’s time for my favourite 2010 phrase to make a come back



Pan Am carry on advert


I threw down some feelings about the indy ref as I needed a rant

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Question Game



2. Answer the questions posed to you by who tagged you, then write 11 new ones.

3. Tag 11 people.

4. Make sure they know they’re tagged.

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1. what is your favourite item of clothing

Hmmm, this changes regularly, but I guess my black velvet dress has been an old favourite for a few years now.

2. do you keep a diary?

Not one where I write down my feelings etc but I do have my trusted filofax.

3. do you drink a lot of coffee, if so how do you like it?

Don’t like coffee so, no, I do not.

4. do you get on well with your family?

 Considering i’m currently not speaking to my dad I would say no, but I get on really well with my mum and brother and all my mums side of the family.

5. what is your dream job?

and here lies the problem! I haven’t a clue, I would probs love being a successful make up artist - swanning around with celebs and what not. yes please.

6. how did we meet?

Probs cecils, although I can’t remember what solidified our friendship. I have a feeling it would have been bitching about something.

7. what is your favourite simpsons episode?

I don’t watch enough simpsons for there to be a fave…soz Faithy

8. paul hollywood or mary berry?

THIS IS SO HARD. maybe Paul. I tend to have an irrational fear about OAPs.

9. favourite 90s band?

Going to have to be Spice girls. 

10. what is your favourite season?

Tricky! Gah, I love the sun, but I also love being all wrapped up in winter and it being frosty and cute.

11. if you were given a video of all the stuff you can’t remember when you’ve been drunk would you watch it or destroy it immediately? 

I would defs watch it. I think it would be hilarious and then I could go away and wallow in self pity whilst reassessing my life choices. 

I’m not going to obey the rules as I’m too lazy to write my own questions and tag people! Soz. 


“ When exactly did I lose you? ”

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